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With many years of agency experience we are working in web and mobile technologies. First of all we like to carry out tasks that require specific or specialized approach. Whether it's online advertisement products, unique mobile applications, interactive panels for stores, demonstration programs for exhibitions, desktop games or any IT development, we carry it for you. We deal with unique displays used for promotional purposes, games, interactive data collecting or unique displays that are made for large displays.


  • desktop and mobile games
  • unique softwares for mobile phones or tablets
  • eletronic registration surfaces and server databases
  • large projectes or softwares made for led wall/display (eg. Twitter wall)
  • store counter interactive advertising panel
  • promotion and web marketing sites
  • Facebook applications
  • full range of graphic design and production


Our customers are well known agencies and companies.

more than 700 000 unique downloader

more than 30 apps

three most important platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

We take pride in building the most awesome apps that both create value for our clients and users love to use. We have executed more than 50 digital projects and developed over 30 mobile apps. Leave a message, ask without any risk or give our introductory documents. We love to show and tell.


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